Hi friends! I'm helping coordinate the Tractor Show and kids activities for Samantha Trade Day this year! If you are interested in participating or know someone that is please send them my way! I'm also looking for volunteers to help put on children's activities like corn shelling, face paint, games etc. Please let me know if you are interested in helping! Please share! Thank you!!   Brooke Hughes Snipes - (205) 799-5315 or email brooke@goodshepherdfound.org

Do you have an antique tractor or know someone who does?  This is your chance to show off your farm beauty!   We want to promote the collection, restoration and preservation and exhibition of gas engines, gas and steam tractors, power driven farm machinery, and any other equipment of historical value.  But the tractor show isn't just for vintage tractors.  You can also bring your favorite machine to Samantha Trade Days.

Free to Attend

Tractor Show

Preserving Farming History for Future Generations

Preserving the Heritage - Promoting the Future

October 14, 2017 - Samantha, Alabama