Guidelines for Use of Grounds on Shepherd Hill 
13222 Fondren Road, Northport, Alabama 
Samantha, Alabama 
We are not a rental venue.  We are a non-profit providing support and assistance of daily essentials to individuals and families in the Samantha and surrounding communities.  We do, however, encourage the community to use the property for family events and celebrations. Because we are not a rental venue we do not “charge” a fee.  We do ask for a minimum donation of $50 if it is an evening event and the lights are used.  Otherwise, we ask for a donation of your choice to help us cover expenses of water and bathroom supplies, taking into consideration the number of attendees at your event.    

The Little Closet Food Pantry is not available for use for private events, with exception of the front porch.  The Pantry is governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors.  It is fully funded by local donors for the specific use of providing food to those in need within the Samantha Community.  Because it is operated with donated funds, we want our donors and those we serve to feel confident that we are being good stewards of those funds and that we are protecting personal, private, sensitive client information stored in files and on computers inside the Pantry.  For this reason, we limit its use to specific pantry business. 

Areas permitted for private use by the general public are:  Momma Doris’ Kitchen, Pearl-Frances Chapel, Clogging Porch, Shepherd Hill Opry Stage, picnic area, playground, bathrooms and Pantry porch.   The kitchen is fully functional with stove, small refrigerator and sink.   

You are responsible for bringing your own supplies, including garbage bags (30 gallon size for trash cans under pantry porch and 55-60 gallon drum size for large cans in picnic area), paper towels, plates, silverware, cups, ice, aluminum foil, Ziploc bags, serving trays/spoons, etc.  Chairs stacked on the porch are available for use.  Please return them when finished. 

Events must be within the policies and guidelines of allowable events. It is in our discretion to deny use for any purpose we deem outside allowable policies.  No alcohol shall be permitted on the premises at any time.  

You are responsible for removing all personal property, trash (including playground, picnic area, bathrooms, etc.), and other items that were not present when you arrived.  Please walk the grounds before you leave to make sure trash has been picked up. Please take trash from all cans with you when you leave, including bathrooms. Please leave a clean liner in the trash cans!!

You are responsible for any physical damages, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Owner, it’s Board Members, Volunteers and all persons associated with the operation against all legal actions which may arise from your use.  

We hope you enjoy your time on Shepherd Hill.  We ask that you please leave it like you found it for others to enjoy.  

Johnny Williamson Good Shepherd Foundation 
P.O. Box 83,  Samantha, Alabama 35482 
(205) 872-4719